You have probably seen a dumpster sitting around your neighborhood or town. But, have you ever thought about why someone might need a dumpster in their yard? You might think that you would never need a dumpster rental, but you would be surprised at how useful they are.

Dumpster rentals can save you time, money and energy during big and little projects. You likely don’t want to use your car or truck to haul heavy and dirty debris to the landfill. This is when a dumpster rental will come in handy. Dumpsters can save you dozens of trips and a lot of needless lifting. Here are just five of the many times you could need a dumpster rental.

1. Moving Out of a Home with a Dumpster Rental

One of the many times you could need a dumpster rental is if you are moving out of a home. Many families accumulate a lot of unwanted items over time, especially if they have grown children. If you are moving out of a home you lived in for years, you may find the task daunting. Now, of course, you won’t want to throw out all the memorabilia, but there may be things in the yard, garage, basement or attic that need to go and a dumpster rental will be perfect for that project.

2. When You Renovate or Flip A House

If you are in the business of renovating or flipping homes, a dumpster rental is a lifesaver. You will often be ripping out floorboards, roofing, cabinets and even walls to renovate a home. A dumpster in front of your project house will save you time, trips and energy. Instead of making dozens of trips to the landfill and loading up your car or truck, you only need to lift waste once as your throw it into the rented dumpster.

3. Use A Dumpster Rental on Your Construction Site

The EPA refers to waste created on worksites as “construction and demolition materials”. These materials include concrete, wood, bricks, glass and more. Construction companies can create a lot of waste when building a new home. A dumpster rental can make this complicated process cleaner and smoother. You will save time and money with a dumpster on your worksite, but also appease the new neighbors by keeping the site looking uncluttered.

4. Rent a Dumpster for Extensive Yard Work

You can also use a dumpster rental when you are doing yard work. There are many different sizes of dumpsters you can rent, so get one that fits your yard work project. People find this especially useful when there is an extended burn ban in their area. You can also use this method when you are trimming trees or overhauling your landscaping.

5. Emptying Outbuildings with a Dumpster

You probably know that outbuildings can accumulate a lot of junk over time. Within a few years or decades of living in the same place, your sheds, barns or garages can become filled with unwanted items. Many times these items are items that cannot be used, but were placed aside for a project “someday.” Well, make today someday and make your project clearing out your outbuildings into a dumpster rental.

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