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Dumpster Sizes and Dimensions

Our dumpster sizes include 10, 15 and 20 cubic yard dumpsters. Please see our photos below for size comparisons.

20 yard dumpster
14’ long, 8’ wide, 5.5’ tall

The largest of our dumpster sizes, the 20 yard dumpster container is great for construction sites and household cleanouts before a move. This size will also be suitable for a roofing job or flooring and carpeting removal. Plan on rolling debris in with a wheelbarrow or dolly, and fill the back end first. Or, for a roofing job, you can throw things down into the container.

15 yard dumpster
14’ long, 8’ wide, 4’ tall

The Goldilocks of dumpster sizes, the 15 yard dumpster which is just right for most jobs. Not too big, or too small. The lower side allows you to throw items in from all sides. You can also wheel heavier items in at the beginning. The capacity is roughly equal to 4 ½ pickup loads.

10 yard dumpster
12’ long, 8’ wide, 3.5’ tall

The smallest of our dumpster sizes, the 10 yard dumpster size container is good for most yard waste disposal needs as well as for recycling. This is also likely big enough for a small garage or basement cleanout. Getting more than one this size also works if you hope to recycle some materials but send the rest to the landfill. And the lower side means you can toss most stuff right in, without throwing it above your head or wheeling it in.

Q: What are your dumpster rental prices for the various dumpster sizes?

A: The rental pricing varies depending on how long you need the dumpster, whether you’re renting more than one, the materials you are disposing of, and where you are located. We do offer flat rate pricing, so you’ll know up front what the cost will be. For a free quote, call 443-286-3284.

When you call us to rent a dumpster, you’ll save time and money. We provide homeowners, contractors, and business owners with quick and courteous dumpster rental and hauling services. Here at JRs Hauling and Roll-off, we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service. We serve the Baltimore area, including Baltimore County and Harford County. To get started, call us at 443-286-3284.