If you’ve never rented a dumpster before, there are certain things you can do to make sure the process goes smoothly. We’ve put together some tips to help you make the experience easy. Let’s get started.

Tip #1: Plan Ahead if You Can

Planning ahead for your dumpster rental is the surest way to have a successful experience. Know what you want to dispose of – junk from your attic and garage, concrete from the patio you’re replacing, or yard waste from a landscaping project, for instance.

Decide when you need the dumpster. Most dumpster rental companies need a day or two of advance notice before they can deliver your dumpster. Decide what size roll-off dumpster you need to rent. Most companies will say on their website what the various sizes will hold.

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Tip #2: Compare Prices and Reviews

Just like you would if you were hiring a service provider to paint your house, put in a new deck, or buying a car, compare prices and reviews. Call several dumpster rental companies to see what they charge for a certain size dumpster. Do they all let you have it the same length of time? Are there additional fees? Compare apples to apples with pricing.

Secondly, compare their reviews. Do they deliver on time and pick up when needed? Do other people recommend them? Do they have friendly customer service? Do they respond to reviews? Look for any red flags before choosing a company with good pricing and good reviews.

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Tip #3: Pick Your Delivery Spot

This goes with planning ahead, but decide where you want the roll-off dumpster to go when the company delivers it. Most people choose to put it in their driveway for easiest access. You or the delivery driver can put down plywood for the dumpster to rest on to protect your driveway. If you decide to put it in the street, make sure that is allowed in your municipality.

Tip #4: Don’t Overload the Dumpster

The dumpster rental company will tell you this, and they mean it. Don’t overload your roll-off dumpster. In order to pick it up and haul it to the landfill safely, the dumpster needs to be easily transported without anything falling out. So don’t fill it past the top of the dumpster sides. If you overload the dumpster, the driver may refuse to pick it up until you take things out, or they may charge an additional fee.

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Tip #5: Don’t Toss in Restricted Items

When you rent a roll-off dumpster, you should get a list of restricted items that you are not supposed to put in your dumpster. These can be dangerous chemicals and other items that cannot go into the landfill. Most companies have the same list. You may face an additional and hefty fee if the driver sees that you have put restricted items in. The fee is to cover proper disposal of the items.

If they get to the landfill without realizing you have put in restricted items and they start to dump, the driver will be quick to report you to the landfill operator and other authorities so that you will have to pay the associated fines, and not the dumpster rental company.

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