Whether you’re renting a roll-off dumpster to help clear out your home before you sell it or you run a remodeling company and routinely rent a dumpster, you can benefit from some tips on how to load a roll-off dumpster most efficiently. This is especially important if you rented one of the smaller dumpsters.

A lot of people misjudge the dumpster size they need, and end up with extra stuff they have to haul away themselves, or wait for trash day. But if you are efficient in your loading, you can get the most bang for your buck. Keep reading to learn more.

Tip # 1: Break Down Large Items Where Possible

If you’re getting rid of cardboard boxes, take the time to break them down and flatten them. If you’re getting rid of broken furniture that you can’t donate, disassemble it, or load it in a way that it takes up the least amount of space. For example, load a table with the legs pointing up, so you can fill the space with more stuff.

Tip #2: Load from Front to Back

The front of a roll-off dumpster is the closed end, and the back is the end you can open so you can walk stuff into the dumpster, or wheel it in with a wheelbarrow. Load things as close together as possible. Treat it like you’re loading your vehicle for vacation, and you need to squeeze a few more things in.

Tip #3: Load the Biggest and Heaviest Items First

Loading the biggest and heaviest stuff into your roll-off dumpster first makes it easy to fit more stuff in. You’ll be able to fit smaller items in between the big stuff.

Tip #4: Try to Distribute the Weight

If you have a lot of heavy items, such as concrete or heavy wood furniture, try to place it throughout the first level of stuff you walk into the dumpster. Don’t put it all at one end, because that can cause problems during transit.

Tip # 5: Fill the Gaps

As you go, check for gaps or pockets of space. Fill those with smaller items. Once all the gaps are filled, you can start tossing things in over the side, or placing them.

Tip #6: Don’t Fill the Dumpster Past the Top

Avoid overfilling the dumpster. We need to safely transport it without debris flying out. We’ll secure the top with a tarp, but the tarp won’t fit if you have too much junk in there. If that happens, we may ask you to remove some items.

Tip #7: Call for Pickup When the Dumpster Is Full

When the dumpster is full, don’t keep tossing stuff in. Call for pickup. If you need another dumpster, we may be able to bring an empty one when we come to pick up your full one. Otherwise, you can wait for trash day or take a load of stuff to your waste disposal site yourself.

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