So How a Dumpster Rental Can Help You Sell Your Home? There is a mantra in real estate. “Declutter your house before putting it on the market.” A dumpster rental can help make decluttering easy.

If you don’t have time for a yard sale, and have already donated what someone else might want to use, and you still have a ton of stuff, renting a dumpster from JR’s Hauling and Roll Off Dumpster Rental may be an ideal solution. We offer dumpster rental and delivery right to your home, and pick up when you’re done. We offer affordable dumpster rental and junk removal services to customers throughout Harford County and Baltimore County, including Kingsville, Bel Air, Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

Whether you’re downsizing, moving up in the world or handling an estate sale, dumpster rental and junk removal services can help you get the job done.

How a Dumpster Rental Can Help You Sell Your Home – Things to remove to make the home look more spacious:

  • Excess furniture, especially anything broken or damaged by pets
  • Anything blocking the entryway or crowding the hallway
  • Exercise equipment – put it in storage if you use it. If it’s broken, trash it.
  • Books, magazines and newspapers – recycle
  • Plants – toss sickly looking plants
  • Pictures, paintings, posters oh my! Take them down and store them.
  • Cabinets, pantry and countertops – toss any food item more than a year old. Clear out the cabinets of miscellaneous items just tossed in. Consider getting rid of extra sets of dishes or pots and pans, and just keeping what you need and use regularly.
  • Donate or toss clothes to make your closets look bigger. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it can go.
  • Limit the linens. Linen closets should be cleared to showcase them. Throw away or donate unnecessary items. Donate old towels, sheets and comforters to your local SPCA or dump them. Nobody needs 15 sets of towels.
  • Be brutal when it comes to the garage and attic. Potential buyers want to see a lot of space for their own stuff. Get rid of all that old paint, broken items, etc.
  • Beware of the basement. If you’ve been using your basement to store anything that just didn’t have a place anywhere else, you may need to put it in storage. Or, if your basement is at all damp, you should probably dump everything, because mold and mildew thrive in damp, dark places.

If there are items you can’t bear to throw away but are cluttering the home, put them in storage until the home sells. And look at it this way: The more you donate or dispose of, the less you have to move. And if you’re paying a moving company, that can be a big deal, since many companies charge by the pound.

Decluttering your home allows prospective buyers to more easily imagine their own belongings in your home, and allows them to see how much space there really is. Crowded rooms and closets make a space look smaller than it actually is.

Call 443-286-3284 today or email us for more information on How a Dumpster Rental Can Help You Sell Your Home. We can suggest the best dumpster size based on how big the house is, how long you’ve lived there and whether it’s a total cleanout or you’re just getting rid of some stuff that’s accumulated over the years. We deliver right to your street or driveway, and pick up when you’re done.