If you have a big remodeling project, a big decluttering project, or a big landscaping project, you’re smart to be thinking about renting a dumpster. A dumpster rental can make disposing of debris and household junk a breeze. Below, we explain how to rent a dumpster in 5 easy steps.

Choose the Right Dumpster Size

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Get Quotes and Choose Who to Rent a Dumpster From

You can ask friends and neighbors who they rented their dumpster from and you can Google “dumpster rental near me” to find the companies who provide this service in your area. Ask them what dumpster sizes they have, and how much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

Make sure the price they quote you includes everything, with no hidden fees. The cost should include delivery, pickup, and disposal costs. Prices will vary based on how far you are from the company, what you’re disposing of, and how long you need the dumpster.

Get Ready for Delivery

Once you’ve scheduled delivery, make sure the truck hauling the roll-off dumpster has easy access to your driveway or the street (if permitted) where you want them to place the dumpster. Many companies will place plywood under the wheels of the dumpster to protect your driveway. You should plan to be present for delivery. Check out our dumpster rental FAQs page for some more information.

Load Your Dumpster

Once your dumpster arrives, you can get to work loading it up. Keep in mind how long you have the dumpster, and don’t put any restricted items in it. Certain items need to be disposed of separately, and should not be put into your dumpster. In addition, before starting to toss things in, make a plan of how you can fit the most junk or debris into your roll-off dumpster without overloading it.

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Schedule Pickup

Last, when your dumpster is full or you’ve finished the task at hand, schedule pickup. You can usually do this with a call or text – just be sure to schedule a pickup by your due date to avoid paying extra fees. Even if you prepaid for your dumpster rental, it’s a good idea to be around when the company comes to pick it up. If you’ve overloaded it, they may want you to remove items.

Once the dumpster s gone and your space is clean, enjoy a job well done!

Call Now to Schedule a Dumpster Rental

To easily rent a dumpster, call or text us at 443-286-3284. In most cases, we can deliver your roll-off dumpster the next day, but we recommend calling 1-2 days before you need it. You can keep the dumpster for up to 10 days, and you simply call us when you’re ready for us to pick it up.  We offer delivery and pickup Monday through Saturday.

If you’re not sure what size dumpster you need, if you tell us a bit about your project, we can make recommendations. We offer competitive dumpster rental prices to customers in Harford County and parts of Baltimore County.